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I am committed to the idea that our Vision Document, which reflects our residents’ goals and values, should drive the management of our City.  A recent Vision survey reaffirmed that the preservation and protection of our small town charm and character reflects the modern day values of our residents.

However, our former elected officials initiated a pathway for over-development rather than preservation.  This intensity has stressed our infrastructure, compromised our environment, and impacted our quality of life. The voice of the residents has not been heard and considered in critical decision making by our City Council.

I will bring fresh ideas to:

Preserve: The Charm, Character and Feel that makes Naples so unique by restoring a more equitable balance of resident and commercial interests.

Embrace: True Environmental Stewardship. Forward looking, comprehensive. We abandon the catch-up mode of the past four years. Higher priority funding to protect our waterways, fragile ecology and the Quality of Life in every residential neighborhood.

Strengthen: Citizen engagement and City Council responsiveness. Where sensitivity to and support of community values guides all policy decisions.

I am your strongest advocate.

Your voice will be heard!


Friday, August 18, 2023 10:54 PM

Vice Mayor McCabe Opening Remarks for Community Redevelopment Agency

In this year of the Naples Centennial, Vice Mayor McCabe's opening remarks at the Community Redevelopment Agency states "We stand on the shoulders of Naples' Founders, and for this reason we honor their legacy for the City of Naples for the next 100 years".

Wednesday, August 16, 2023 11:11 PM

Vice Mayor Mike McCabe explains why a challenge to Florida Senate Bill 250 is important to our residents

Vice Mayor Mike McCabe explains why clarification for Senate Bill 250 is important, and why Home Rule, which is the closest to the our community is the best representation for our Residents.  Does Tallahassee really know what is best for our community? Or does the locally elected Naples Council better understand our community?


Sunday, May 21, 2023 12:42 AM

Naples City Manager Jay Boodeswhwar 1 year review by City Council

Vice Mayor Mike McCabe led the charge for a new City Manager.  Change is hard, change is not easy, status quo is the easy path but not the best path.  The City of Naples, with the leadership of the Vice Mayor Mike McCabe led the path forward for a search for a new City Manager.  The process was intensive and many questioned this path. But the results and the changes have borne out the wisdom of the newly elected 2020 Council.  The decision was unanimous and the 1 year review of the new City Manager bore out the wisdom of this Council's decision.  Listen in their own words, the entire City Council's review of City Manager, Jay Boodeshwar.

Wednesday, May 3, 2023 3:33 PM

Vice Mayor Mike McCabe discusses Florida Senate Bill 250 and its relation to HOME RULE

Naples Vice Mayor Mike McCabe discusses his concern regarding Florida Senate Bill 250 (unsigned as of this date 05/03/2023) and the City of Naples "HOME RULE" in the Free State of Florida.

Monday, May 1, 2023 10:52 PM

Vice Mayor Mike McCabe moves to APPROVE and EXPEDITE the Naples Beach Hotel 23-SPD1


Vice Mayor McCabe: "In light of it being collaborative and instructive, it was. And as we stated in the continuance, we listed out a number of issues and I think the solid waste hauling has been clarified. I believe the drainage needs a little bit better more, but that will come in the site plan from the golf course. As far as the evacuation plan and Electric vehicles, I think we've clarified that. We've gotten clarification. The road construction and our infrastructure improvements, we have made progress on getting that agreement. So I feel comfortable that we can move forward with that. I think the restrictive covenants, we've made some significant progress. We need some work to tie those loose ends up. And I think I've heard the commitment to get it done and that there is no substantive issues that are standing up right now that would be in the way. I believe that we've had our executive session to have the conversation about the litigation, which could have an impact on this. And I think we've had that, and I consider that done. We've had our conversations with Nault making sure where and what they have and how that would either be in or add to the movement forward and I look at it as movement forward. And as Mr. Newman said, when you look at some of the things, unless you really make them a priority, they will become an issue down the road and I think with what we expressed in the last meeting and the continuance, we identified those that were a priority that we needed information on and we've gotten it. And they therefore really won't create an issue down the road. So we will be smoother as this moves forward. So with that in mind, I move to approve this petition."

Vice Mayor McCabe: " I would also I'm not sure in what form it needs to take, but I would like to get at least a consensus out of council to request that the DRB hold a special meeting for this project. And looking at the calendar, that meeting could be with 30 days notice be June 2nd. There's nothing that is taking up these chambers or the next one would be, say, June 6th, which would be in the afternoon because there is an ethics commission meeting in the morning. And if those two dates are amenable to the DRB, that would pick up over three weeks of time versus the regular scheduled DRB meeting. "

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